This initiative has been spearheaded by local resident Rachel Auty.

Since May 2014 she has been:

  1. Shaping up a vision for what the former Yorkshire Lass could become
  2. Speaking to local residents, organisations, local Councillors, Harrogate Borough Council and Knaresborough Town Council
  3. Seeking advice from social and community project specialists
  4. Identifying potential grant funding options, and researching other investment strategies
  5. Liaising with support services, including Pub is the Hub, Locality, and a social enterprise advice service


Who else is involved?

Rachel is working on this initiative with friend and colleague Dr Jane Beasley.

She is also working alongside / liaising with a number of local individuals and organisations. With a special thanks to:

  • Knaresborough Civic Society
  • Harrogate & Ripon CAMRA
  • Councillor Anne Jones
  • Phil Harvey (MayOne Design Architecture Project Management Ltd)

There’s still plenty of room for more! And the more the merrier!

Want to have your say or get involved? 

You can email us at info@yorkshirelassknaresborough.com or go back to the Home page to see the different things you can do to help.

[Last updated 12.10.14, 09.20am]


  1. Hi Rachel, I think its a wonderful idea to save this land mark Pub. it is in an ideal spot for tourists who want a meal or just a drink, Perhaps you and other residents could get funding to buy the pub and then raise money to do the place up. it must not be turned into flats. I am a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator and have 300 members I could email something to them to see if they can offer skills or any other help. email me on Newbynhw@virginmedia.com and I will spread the word.


    • Hello Tim! Thank you so much. I will drop you an email. If you can help me spread the word and build the ‘community army’ we need behind this I would very much appreciate that! 🙂 – Rachel x


  2. lets face due to years of deliberate government polices that aim to destroy the traditional “pub” culture its now become impossible to make such Pub business viable. But instead I can see some sort of locally run community cafe working here, but not not a mega corp brand like starbucks or costa coffee! still not happy about the one in the market square who let that happen? someone got a backhand there I suspect! you let such company’s in local business suffer.


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