“It’s literally the place I met my now wife” – Email received

photo 4I received another email from Colin Spiers, whose parents owed the pub for almost 20 years until it closed. He met his wife there!:
“I’ve had the link to your campaign sent to me about 12 times in the last 24 hours so thought I’d best send my best wishes of support! You’ll probably remember our paths crossed earlier this year via the Hope & Social event (I’m the manager at Montey’s) but a vast chunk of my childhood, and indeed the reason I ended up living in Yorkshire, is entirely down to the Yorkshire Lass! My parents owned the pub for just short of 20 years from about 1988 until 2007 and were the last people to have it open and trading.

You’ve no idea how much it breaks my heart to drive past the pub most days and see what was one of the most warm, thriving and loved places I’ve ever known, to be in the state it is now. It’s literally the place I met my now wife, and mother of 2 of my children! In truth I always feel a bit guilty I never took it over from my dad and kept things going, but in reality I was too young at the time!
Anyway I just wanted to offer my support and wish you well, and I echo that from all my family. In truth we’ve all long since come to the conclusion that to knock it down and start afresh is probably the best thing for everyone, however your idea of a multi use venue and community hub appeals to me. I don’t for one second wish to put anything negative into the equation, but I’ve said for a long time that short of me winning the lottery (I should probably start playing!) and investing the £1.5m+ it would need to turn it into an amazing venue I’d love it to be, I struggled to see any future for it. But your proposal is something different and deserves a chance.
If there’s anything I can do to help, particularly in licensed side of things feel free to give me a shout. Good luck with everything.
Col (& Family!)”

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