Comments posted on online petition

Image030XThere have been some fab comments posted on the online petition at Here are some of them:

“Knaresborough is being spoilt by loss of its tradition. Stop people who allow buildings to fall into disrepair to manipulate the planning system. Housing development here would be only the beginning of another sad story for the town.” – Margaret d.

“This is a great pub in an ideal location for visitors and locals alike. It served great food. It’s a part of Knaresborough history. Save it- it could be an asset for years to come.” – David C.

“When we got married we had our wedding reception at the Yorkshire Lass.” – Michael S.

“Don’t get rid of Knaresborough history.” – Joan R.

“Pubs like this are part of the heritage of any village or town. Destroy it and weaken your heritage.” – Mark S

“Because community assets like this are so so much more than just pubs (although that’s OK too) and vital to bring people together.” – Paul W

“The building is on a sensitive site at the gateway of a tourist town.” – David K

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