Please Sign The ‘Save The Yorkshire Lass’ Online Petition

cropped-yl-logo.jpgThanks for your support of the ‘Save The Yorkshire Lass’ campaign to date! Momentum is continuing to build and is great to see all the evidence of community passion for this landmark building coming together.

If you’ve left a comment on the, thank you. I will put ALL comments in front of Harrogate Borough Council and it WILL add weight to our case.

I’ve now set up an online petition, so that people can pledge support by way of a very simple signature. Please take 2 mins to sign this, and let’s show the council the volume of support we have:

I would also really appreciate if you could continue to help me spread the word about this initiative: Email others the web url above, send them the link to the petition, and/ or just use your voice to tell others. You can help make a real difference to the outcome of this, for the benefit of ourselves, each other, and future generations of our families.

This week we are applying for a grant that will enable us to take the next step and be well-placed to take action as a community should the opportunity arise to do so. Your continued support is priceless.

What do you think? Leave a comment..

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